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      Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Aventura, FL

      What is Medical Weight Loss?

      Medical Weight Loss Clinic Aventura FL

      Medical Weight Loss is a term that describes a medically-supervised approach to losing weight that focusing on factors like underlying chronic issues, physical and lifestyle habits, stress management, nutrient deficiencies and genetic factors.

      This weight loss option is considered much safer because it is under the guidance of a medical doctor who can recommend specific interventions that will work specifically for you.

      What to expect from our Weight Loss programs?

      If you have been going around in circles losing and regaining weight, then maybe its time to go to a professional at Body & Mind MD.

      The initial weight loss consultation includes a full medical history and physical exam, body composition testing, metabolic rate testing and genetic testing. All contributing factors are considered that might be affecting your weight, or metabolism. It is important to consider sleep, stress, anxiety, cardiovascular health, diabetes, and digestive health.

      Medical Weight Loss Services

      The doctor will then recommend a package that is right for your, which may include the following services:

      • Individualized Weight Loss Packages
      • Medication Analysis
      • BodyMetrix (measure fat)
      • Lab Tests
      • Genetic Testing for Weight Loss
      • Natural Appetite Suppressants
      • Nutritional Guidance
      • IV Nutrition
      • Peptide Therapy
      • Trusculpt
      • Lipotropic Injections
      • Supplements
      • Weight Loss Shots

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