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      IV Nutrition Therapy in Aventura, FL

      IV Nutrition Therapy Aventura FL

      What is IV Nutrition Therapy?

      IV Nutrition, also known as IV Therapy is the fastest and most efficient way to get hydration fluids and vitamins into your body.

      This is intense hydration and beneficial vitamins and nutrients getting infused directly into your blood.

      The amazing boost you get in both health and mood makes IV Nutrition the most popular add-on our patients have to have every time they visit.

      What is IV Nutrition good for?

      IV nutrition can help patients with:

      Available IV Drips

      • Myers Cocktail
      • Liquilift - Energy max (3)
      • Executive - Executive performance
      • Fountain of Youth - Beauty hydration
      • Rise and Shine - Jetlag recovery
      • Performance Hydration - Sport Elixir
      • Glutathione - addon to other drips
      • Detox
      • Hangover/Jetlag/Dehydration
      • Pre/Post procedure Amino Blend

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