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      Concierge Medical Services in Aventura, FL

      Concierge Medicine Aventura FL

      What is Concierge Medicine?

      Concierge medicine provides patients the options they need to stay healthy no matter how busy their lives become or how complex their medical issues may be.

      A concierge health membership guarantees you access to Dr Nina G, one of the countries most experienced concierge doctors, when you need it.

      Dr. Nina G. is available to her concierge patients around the clock, by phone, text, or email, or in person when needed.

      She sees patients the same day for any urgent problems and, in most cases, for non-urgent conditions as well.

      Medical Services included in our Concierge Package

      • Medical Advocacy
      • Comprehensive Health Evaluation and Testing
      • Medical Health Coaching
      • Lengevity Program
      • Nutritional Supplement Program
      • Brain Health
      • Genetic Health Testing
      Concierge Medical Services Aventura FL

      Personalized Care

      The main benefit of concierge medicine is having a dedicated phycisian who knows your health history and has time to really address your health concerns.

      From the first assesment, Body & Mind MD will deliver an experience that rivals ordinary primary care practices.

      Working as partners, you and your doctor will develop a tailored, comprehensive wellness plan that delivers in-depth knowledge and one-on-one support all year long to maximize your health and achieve your goals.

      Concierge Medical Program Aventura FL

      Comprehensive Health Evaluation And Testing

      All new patients will receive their initial health evaluation with the doctor which includes extensive testing.

      At Body & Mind MD We have found that an integrative and holistic approach to wellness that considers the whole person, is the most effective.

      We go much further than the routine checkups and blood tests that are given in normal clinics, our comprehensive tests cover thousands of biological markers that helps the doctor determine the current state of your health.

      We use the data collected during the evaluation and work closely with patients to create a customized traetment plan that will restore and maintain your optimal health level.

      Some of the tests we perform on pateints include:

      • Heavy Metals Test
      • Toxic Non-Metals Test
      • Intestinal Yeast and Bacteria
      • Mycotoxins
      • Herbacidal and Pesticidal Toxins
      • Cario Vascular Health
      • Neurocognitive assessment
      • Food Alergy Testing
      • Complete Nutritional Profile 
      Medical Advocacy Aventura FL

      Medical Advocacy

      Our patients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a personal doctor available 24/7 who has in depth knowledge about their medical history and has experience in internal medicine, critical care medicine, pulmonary medicine, regenerative and anti-aging medicne.

      Our doctor is available to you anywhere in the world at any time.

      If you are abroad and have the need to be hospitalized, your personal doctor will be in contact with the attending doctor to coordinate the best treatment plan for you.

      This way you attending doctor will already have your medical history available, which reduces the chances of medical errors and drasticaly improves your chances of recovery.

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