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      About Body & Mind, MD

      We are reaching a new horizon of medical care unlike any other that will help you embrace lifelong wellness.

      We are a full-service, private boutique clinic located in elegant Aventura, Miami, run by world-renowned and highly sought-after anti-aging expert Dr. Nina G., MD.

      Body & Mind, MD, is dedicated to functional and integrative medicine at the highest level. We are providing patient-centered health care, extremely personalized at a cellular level.

      As a recognized expert in the anti-aging regenerative medicine field, with over 35 years of experience in all facets of patient care, Dr. Nina G., MD, is board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

      Dr. Nina G. MD's Approach to Medicine

      Dr. Nina G.’s approach to medicine is patient-centered and attempts to address the whole range of physical, mental, emotional, and environmental influences that may affect a patient’s well-being and longevity.

      This approach to medicine is known as Integrative Medicine.

      Integrative medicine tries to restore health and overall wellness to an individual's life expectancy by understanding their situation and tending to the full scope of physical, emotional, mental, social, and environmental impacts that influence their life.

      Through customizing care, integrative medicine goes past the treatment of side effects to address every one of the original reasons for disease.

      Integrative medicine is not "alternative medicine"; or "complementary medicine," which refers to any non-evidence-based or spiritual forms of healing.

      Dr. Nina G. MD's Principles of Integrative Medicine:

      • The patient helps design their own plan of care.
      • Everything that affects your body, including mind and environmental surroundings, will be taken into consideration.
      • Dr. G. uses the newest cutting-edge science to facilitate the body's natural healing process.
      • Work on lifestyle changes that will promote health and prevent disease.
      • Every plan of care will be customized for the patient’s individual conditions, needs, and circumstances.

      In addition to addressing the root causes of illnesses, Dr. Nina G. focuses on prevention and fostering self-care strategies that patients can continue to use throughout their lives.

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